An Eye for Detail and a Helping Hand...

Why would I need an Event/Wedding Planner??

That's a great question! Why would you need someone to plan an event that you have been secretly planning all your life? Or a party where you know what you want already?

Well simply put, I am the one that can put your plan in place and make sure it turns into the most memorable day of your life!

You might not need anybody to choose a wedding dress, colour scheme, floral spray or pick a band but you may need someone to tell you where you will find it, buy it at the right price, and ensure it turns up on time from a reliable supplier!

I work closely with you in the run up to your Wedding Day, Special Party or Event, ensuring you ask the right questions and confirm the correct details. I am the middle person between you and your suppliers and when problems arise, I am the one that they will be coming to in order to solve them. I am your eyes and ears on the day, making sure that every detail of your plan is carried out so that you can look back on your Wedding Day, Special Party or Event and know that everything went as smoothly as possible!

For Weddings, many Venues have a built in Wedding Coordinator in their packages, however they mainly focus on the operational functions of your reception. I differ in that I can help you from the moment you wake up on your Wedding morning to the moment you enjoy your first dance as a married couple. 

I can also offer tips and suggestions in your Event/Wedding Planning to avoid possible issues that can tarnish the memory of your Big Day. I can also take the pressure and stress off other family members who can often worry the same, if not more about your Event/Wedding!

What will all this cost?

Getting married or throwing parties can be expensive and often people think an Event/ Wedding Planner is unnecessary and will cost the earth, however I charge nothing for my first consultation, which is basically a meeting to assess what you actually need from me or expect me to do. 

Pricing is then based on the level of support that you require. I am transparent with my pricing and always aim to save you money through good planning. 

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